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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

SOS Zombies Invade DC

Last updated July 6, 2016:

The coming weekend in DC the corporate unions, NEA and AFT, and a few protest groups that they have coopted (including BATs and United Opt Out) will be sending a bunch of lucky ticket holders to DC to talk, march, do some yoga, eat jumbo shrimp, stay in first class hotels, and talk some more about "saving our schools" and the children who attend them.  This march represents what we may hope to be the final big charade parade of those who know that the SOS, NPE, NEA, AFT, and FairTest presidential pick, Hillary Clinton, supports everything they claim to oppose and opposes everything they claim to  support.  For that reason alone, this event represents the worse play of the political theater season.   Its leaders are bad actors who are not believable or too clueless to know they have been sucked in be a part of a meaningless academic farce, and the story line lacks the verisimilitude that any good play, comic or otherwise, must possess to keep the audience in their seats or on their feet.
If you are not one of those lucky AFT or NEA members who got free tickets and free rooms to attend, maybe you should talk with the former VP at Catapult Learning, Bob George, about a refund.  If he attends.

Ken Preveti had this to say yesterday in a Facebook discussion of choosing between D or R in presidential politics.  The same could apply when considering the Eli Broad agenda or the AFT-NEA agenda that has a lock on the SOS, UOO, AFT, NEA, NPE pretenders in DC this weekend:
We are being forced to select R or D. It is the illusion of choice. Now we engage in magical thinking. We pretend that the lesser of two evils is not evil. We search for some item we agree with and grasp at that straw. We are allowed to sit at that table and praise that host - cheering loudly amongst others who do the same. We dare not engage in reality lest we be removed from the table seat. The Theater of the Absurd continues on the Ship of Fools.
Although the challenges may seem insurmountable to those new to this fight, we have a much better chance at democratic society or democratic schooling by choosing the good rather than either column A or Column B of evil's menu.  As the abolitionists knew, a reduction in slavery or plans to end slavery is neither desired nor acceptable.

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  1. Hillary Clinton addressed the NEA Convention Tuesday. They are giving Sen. Patty Murray and Diane Ravitch's friend Lamar Alexander (from the days when they served in the administration of George H.W. Bush) the NEA's Friend of Education Award for the atrocious ESSA. Alexander has been a promoter of charters and vouchers for decades. Hillary Clinton was given this award in 1999 when she was deeply involved with the Broad Foundation.