The Granite Board of Education on Tuesday approved a resolution in support of a referendum petition that, if successful, would force a public vote on Utah's new school voucher program.
"That is something that is good for us to do," said Board President Sarah Meier, adding that board members are actively gathering signatures for the petition.
Board members approved the resolution unanimously.
The resolution states that "vouchers divert attention, commitment and dollars from public schools to pay private school tuition for a few students."
Further, it forces taxpayers to support two school systems, creating a new cost to taxpayers, the resolution reads.
The voucher program is scheduled to be implemented this fall. The program will offer public funds to pay private school tuition to parents of all public schools children regardless of income level.
According to the Granite resolution, vouchers leave behind many disadvantaged students because private schools may not accept them or offer the special services they need.
Granite's resolution in favor of the referendum drive is similar to one approved earlier this month by the Jordan Board of Education. The Salt Lake Board of Education also has spoken out against vouchers.
The PTA, Utah Education Association and other opponents of the voucher program are working to collect 92,000 signatures statewide by April to delay the program's implementation until a public vote can be taken.