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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Imagine in VA

No mention of facilities, but it's safe to say Imagine would be involved in the real estate.  From WAMU 88.5 FM:
Public Charter School Idea Attracts Some In Loudoun County
Jonathan Wilson
November 09, 2010 - In Virginia, Imagine Schools, a locally-based charter school company, says it wants to be the first to establish a public charter school in Loudoun County.

Loudoun County isn't known for struggling schools, like many other districts where public charters have become popular, but Imagine's Executive Vice President Roy Gamse says the county school system is running out of space.

"The student enrollment is growing so fast that the school system is having some trouble keeping the capacity up at levels to fit all the students," Gamse says.

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Entertainment Properties Trust, a Kansas City-based REIT that owns 27 properties used by Imagine, released 3rd quarter earnings last week.  The company recorded $6.6 million in income from these schools, up from $5.3 million in the same quarter last year.  According to a press release, capacity, enrollment, utilization rates increased.

This would be only the 5th charter school in Virginia if it eventually does open.

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