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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More on the "STEM shortage"

A story in the Chronicle of Higher Education reported that the percentage of foreign students studying for PhD's in science and engineering in the US is down.

Of great interest is this paragraph discussing the reasons for the drop:

"The Obama administration and the Bush administration before it both sought to encourage such enrollment, calling foreign students critical to the future of the United States' technological and economic competitiveness. Many in Congress have pushed back, however, reflecting voter fears that foreigners would compete for scarce jobs."

"Scarce jobs" for PhD's in science and engineering? Isn't there supposed to be a huge shortage in science and technology trained experts, with far more open positions than qualified applicants?

"American universities see decline in foreigners earning science doctorates"


For more articles doubting the STEM shortage: http://www.phds.org/the-big-picture/scientist-shortages/

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