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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

George Parker, Corporate Ed Reform Quisling, Voted Out As DC Union Head

The teachers and parents of DC Schools have another reason to celebrate this season: the Oligarchs' union pawn has been voted out by DC teachers, and a new president will take the lead in dismantling the system of teacher evaluation quackery put in place by the Broadies under Rhee.   One can imagine Rhee's lieutenant, Kaya Henderson, working on her resume this morning.  Are you listening yet, Weingarten?

From Bill Turque:
George Parker, who negotiated a contract that left D.C. teachers better paid but less secure in their jobs, has lost the presidency of the Washington Teachers' Union to General Vice President Nathan Saunders by a vote of 556 to 480.

The total vote represents less than a quarter of the of the union's 4,200 members. But Saunders,who will be installed as president effective tomorrow, said the result reflects deep unhappiness with the new IMPACT evaluation system and Parker's lack of commitment to union democracy.

The new system, introduced by former Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee in 2009, holds some teachers accountable for growth in student test scores. All teachers must meet a series of criteria for classroom performance outlined in a detailed new framework. More than 120 teachers were dismissed last summer for low IMPACT scores. Saunders has vowed to pursue all judicial, legislative and lobbying efforts to address what he considers IMPACT's unfairness.

"The teachers are very clear about what they want," Saunders said Tuesday evening. "Clearly this is a race about job security and about IMPACT. It is also a race about teachers being participatory in the process and not just reactive."

Reached at WTU offices, a subdued Parker said he accepted the results and planned no legal challenge . . ..

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  1. The Saunders slate is very excited about our victory. We were installed December 1, 2010 and have hit the ground running. Thanks for your story on our win. As the WTU General Vice President and The Washington Teacher blogger, I am happy to be a part of this change in leadership. Check out our plans for the first 30 days in office on The Washington Teacher blog.

    Candi Peterson
    WTU General Vice President
    AKA The Washington Teacher