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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Toast: Republicans Offer Obama Cover for Capitulation

It was quite a scene, the Republican senators lined up one after the other at the microphone, each giving full support for the President's decision to cave in on their demands.  Then to the microphone comes the President, himself, now looking tough in the face of reporters and his one-time base of supporters.  But he has never had trouble talking tough to progressives or to the "professional left" as his mouthpieces call Dems with principles.

The President's "hostage" metaphor was apt, as he noted that he decided to negotiate when it was clear that we, the hostages, were going to get hurt if he didn't.  What he did not say, and what he seems incapable of accepting, is that he left the door unlocked with us hostages bound and gagged on the bed to await our assailants.  Nor will he admit he has had the bag full of money waiting for the Republican hostage takers for a long time, just waiting for them to make their move.  And he left them a message telling them as much.

This was the Johnson moment for Obama.  The corruption and complicity is writ large, and no one with a brain doubts it.  He must now depend upon the Oligarchs to get him reelected without a base of support.  And will we vote for Ralph Nader or Pee-Wee Herman in 2012?  I can only speak for myself, and I've already said it.

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