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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Media Bullpen

Keep an eye on this new "media/policy platform," The Media Bullpen.  It's put together by the Center for Education Reform and is funded, at least in part, but the Gates Foundation.

From Idealist:
The Center for Education Reform is seeking a top-notch Managing Editor as it prepares for the launch of The Media Bullpen, a groundbreaking journalistic media/policy platform dedicated to dedicated to: a) correcting the record on K-12 education issues and; b) improving the media/public understanding of topics in K-12 education and education reform.

The ideal candidate will lead The Media Bullpen’s editorial program, under the supervision of CER senior executives, through an evolving combination of hands-on content creation and management/supervisory responsibilities. He/she will create and/or direct the creation of all Media Bullpen editorial content, will be thoroughly acquainted with education players and issues, will be a passionate advocate for education reform, and will have a strong journalistic background, which includes high-volume daily content creation in a fast-paced and Web-based environment.

He/she will be a consistent, accurate, compelling, and lively “voice” for the Media Bullpen. As the platform grows, the Managing Editor will have increasing supervisory responsibility for a growing team of researchers, analysts and freelance writers who will also generate original content for this national media initiative.

Qualities sought: Decisiveness, tenacity, authority, passion for the issues, journalistic background, flexibility, superb and succinct writing/editorial style, reliability, comfort in a tech-heavy social media environment, balance, “voice”, and a sense of humor.

Sample Duties:
• Drafting and posting rapid-fire content creation with high accuracy; concise editorial responses to media stories from daily news feeds (up to 300 stories per staffer/per day)
• Assuring the accurate inflow of state-wide and national multimedia news inflows on an ongoing basis
• Overseeing the acquisition, placement, and appropriate use of content, data, art, and graphics
• Making prioritized editorial assignments to other staff members
• Evaluating new opportunities for improving online content from various sources to ensure complete coverage
• Must be able to react to change productively and handle other essential tasks as assigned

• Professional experience: 5-10 in traditional and online journalism with superb references and a demonstrated record of excellence
• Education: Bachelor’s Degree (minimum), MA preferred; communications, journalism, public policy
• Knowledgeable about education issues and policy; with a passion for education reform
• Ability to craft short, clean copy for consumers, policy makers, grassroots activists, and media stakeholders
• Strong headline writing, copywriting, teaser development
• Able to make quick decisions and judgment calls
• Experience generating daily, high-volume content
• Experience developing and motivating writing teams
• Ability to work easily with data and social media in a technology-centric editorial environment
• Adept with Web-based CMS tools and content generation applications
• Experience in web publishing, keyword research and tagging, HTML/CSS
• Aware of legal requirements for content acquisitions and re-use
• Flexible, self-starting, accountable, and absolutely reliable
• Exceptional project management skills with an ability to set priorities and deadlines
• Ability to communicate effectively with co-workers and manage telecommuting relationships
• Exhibits and models sound journalistic ethics
• Able to provide "live" radio interviews & two-ways on the topic of education & reform for use on the air

Hours: Full Time (Note: Initial Part Time training and/or consulting engagement may be considered as precursor)

No relocation assistance.

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