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Monday, December 06, 2010

Rethinking Schools Has Important Piece by Stan Karp

From Rethinking Schools:

Dear Friends of Rethinking Schools,
NOT Waiting for Superman

As Waiting for "Superman" makes its way across the country, the "reform" agenda it promotes is producing both problems and pushback. In a new article now available at NOTwaitingforsuperman.org, Rethinking Schools editor Stan Karp looks at how "Superhero School Reform" is playing out in New Jersey and heading your way:
"In New Jersey, an odd alliance of Oprah Winfrey, Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, Republican Gov. Chris Christie, and 'rock star mayor' Cory Booker has put Newark, NJ in the forefront of this effort to impose business model ed reform. But the campaign is headed for a district near you, if it hasn't arrived already, and the stakes are high."

Check out the full article here.

Stan will be speaking on these same issues in Portland, OR on December 10 at a talk entitled, "Who's bashing teachers and public schools and what can we do about it?" The event is jointly sponsored by Portland Area Rethinking Schools and the Portland Association of Teachers. Event details here.

Also if you haven't read it already, check out Barbara Miner's "Ultimate Superpower," a detailed look at the money trail behind the film and its overlapping marketing and political campaigns. In an October blog post, Diane Ravitch wrote: "I urge you to read this account by Barbara Miner, who is deeply suspicious of the billionaire hedge fund managers and foundations behind this movement."

NOT Waiting for Superman

The NOTwaitingforsuperman.org website and Facebook page continue to gather reports, resources and reactions from the nationwide response to the film. Rethinking Schools initiated this campaign to invite educators, parents, students and activists to talk back to the film and its attacks on teachers, unions and public education. Thousands have responded. You can join them on the web here or on Facebook here — and get a 20% discount on all Rethinking Schools subscriptions and publications.

Thank you for supporting Rethinking Schools,
Bob Peterson, Editor

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