Sunday, December 12, 2010

Poem by Former KIPP Teacher

by "Jennifer Liden"

marooned in a sea of
monotonous morning meetings
punctuated by an unenthusiastic
We. Are. Proud. Of. You.
I say

clap clap clap

SLANTing against a wall
to keep from fainting
from exhaustion.
quiet coyotes are bullshit
gang signs.

David Duke would be proud of these
hare krishnas.
my cell
I mean
20 by
25 by

and filled past capacity with
33 kids at a time, six times
a day.

where are the windows for
my seasonal depression
sunlight therapy
reason for moving here?

now that I am gone,
this room is
unenthusiastically referred to
as the
cloud room

and is used
for 5 to 7 pm
abu ghraib
public shame

1 comment:

  1. Love the poem. Depressing to contemplate that KIPP takes 33 kids in a class while NYC public schools take 34. If Cathie Black gets her way and lays off teachers it'll shoot up to 50, just like it did in the 70s.