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Saturday, December 14, 2013

TURN Chapters of AFT Take Lead in "Share My Lessons" Common Core Marathon

In the December 13 issue of Inside AFT (yes, I am an AFT member), I found this, which got me wondering:

Share My Lesson has been on the move recently. This weekend will mark the third of three Share My Lesson marathon weekends the AFT has hosted over the last month. The sessions are nonstop events where teachers from all over the country come together to brainstorm, share lessons, learn how to assess the extent to which a lesson plan aligns with the Common Core State Standards, and apply that knowledge as they review and rate resources on Share My Lesson. With a marathon in Providence in November, one in Toledo last weekend and one in Minneapolis this weekend, the number of Common Core-aligned resources on Share My Lesson is skyrocketing, and more resources than ever before are peer-reviewed and rated. With all the great feedback the marathon weekends have been getting, look for them to become a more regular event in 2014—maybe coming to a town near you.
Having recently sent a teacher an earlier post on which locals are controlled by TURN's turncoats, Providence, Toledo, Minneapolis, hmm, sounds so familiar.  Sure enough, when I checked, I found Toledo, Providence, and Minneapolis on this list provided by TURN Newsletter:

TURN Principal Members
Albuquerque Teachers Federation
Boston Teachers Union
Castaic Teachers Association

Cincinnati Federation of Teachers
Cleveland Teachers Union

Columbus Education Association
Decatur Education Association

Denver Classroom Teachers Association
Douglas County Federation of Teachers
Elgin Teachers Association
Fairfax Education Association

Hart District Teachers Association

Jefferson County Education Association
Memphis Education Association

Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association
Minneapolis Federation of Teachers
Montgomery County Education Association
Newhall Teachers Association
Organization of DeKalb Educators

Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers

Portland Education Association

Poway Federation of Teachers

Prince George’s County Education Association
Providence Teachers Union

Rochester Teachers Association
San Diego Education Association

San Juan Teachers Association

Saugus Teachers Association

Springfield Education Association

Syracuse Teachers Association

Toledo Federation of Teachers

United Educators of San Francisco

United Teachers of Dade

Westerly Teachers Association
The big marathon was covered in Toledo by the local Fox affiliate, which had this interview with Heidi Glidden,  who has also served as a AFT's point person for the Data Quality Campaign, an effort led by the Gates Foundation to link the entirety of student and teacher test data that exists in time and space.  

ToledoNewsNow.com: News, Weather

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