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Friday, February 06, 2015

Fairtest Declares Emergency to Save Corporate Union ESEA Position on HighStakesTesting Lite

If there is anything from Fairtest these days more prominent than appeals for more contributions, it is the incessant nagging to write your Congressman in support of a kinder, gentler form of education genocide.  My reaction post to ARN and EPATA:

Here is what is urgent to me, Monty: 

Stop your dissembling and pretending that Fairtest is trying to end high stakes testing, when, in fact, you are signed on the NEA/AFT plan for a new NCLB Testing Lite 2.0, which allows for high stakes tests three times at the federal level in grades 3-12, and as many times at the state level as corporate politicians can put in place.

You are going to lose support among those who have supported you in the past by pretending to be against high stakes testing while embracing it. 

Grow some, um, spine, and stand up.  Be a leader, rather than a corporate union stooge.  There is no fair high stakes test, so to talk about allowing it at the state level is like saying that states should have the right to decide on slavery.

Jim Horn

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