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Thursday, February 05, 2015

ASD's Mentor, the RSD, Is Near the Bottom in ACT Scores, Even in Louisiana

Mercedes Schneider recently took a brief furlough from plumping Diane Ravitch's pillows and celebrating their many accomplishments to do what Mercedes does best when she is not, otherwise, preoccupied with imagining herself as the next grande dame of anti-reformy talk groups.  

Mercedes provided us with a version of the state's Excel file on all of Louisiana's ACT scores, including the corporate Recovery School District--which is comprised of charters, the majority of which are in New Orleans.  The same information is provided here, with a bit more detail.

Tennessee, Michigan, and Virginia have devised state takeover/privatization plans based on the Recovery School District Model, which "celebrated" a decade of damage to the idea of humane public education in 2014, ten years after Katrina.  So it is interesting to look now at how these chain gang are doing with their testing, since they have now had a chance to move kids from 2nd to 11th grade, where they take the ACT.  

Even in Louisiana, which usually occupies a place somewhere between Guam and Mississippi in educational accomplishment, the RSD is near the bottom--fifth from the bottom, in fact.  

The RSD ranked 66th out of 70 systems in the state!  

The Louisiana state average ACT was 19.2, and the RSD average was 15.6.  

As you can see, too, the local rock star, KIPP, scored below average among the worst scoring schools of the fifth worst scoring system in one of the worst scoring states in the U. S and its territories.  

Are you listening, Tennessee?  Can you see this, Memphis?

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