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Monday, January 16, 2006

Privatization Efforts in California University System

It seems that Aaanold can't wait for Spellings' Commission to make a recommendation for privatization of higher ed. He is already on the march. This from SF Chronicle:
The real scandal: moves to privatize higher education
Fortunately, this is a choice that voters have not yet made and can still resist
- Robert Meister
Sunday, January 15, 2006
Revelations of secrecy and possible self-dealing in the compensation of some of the University of California's top administrators expose a problem deeper than the need for more transparent "communication" of the rationale behind them.
. . . .
With no public debate, the California Master Plan for Higher Education, which has provided the people of California with high-quality low-cost universities financed through taxes, is being subverted by decisions (large and small) that assume the trend toward privatization to be inevitable. Most Californians are unaware that in the compact with Schwarzenegger, Dynes agreed that UC would raise tuition every year at least as fast as the rate of income growth in California (8 percent a year in recent years), and will be allowed to raise tuition up to 10 percent. At current rates of increase, UC tuition would exceed $11,000 a year by the time the compact ends in 2011. . . .

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