"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Rotten Apple Awards

On the lighter and funnier side of things... The last one is my favorite, which one is your favorite?

They can also be found archived at the website of the
Education Disinformation Detection and Reporting Agency.

The "Jimmy Carter Amphibious Killer Rabbit" Award: Margaret Spellings.

The "This Turntable for Hire" Award: Armstrong Williams and the U. S. Department of Education.

The "Co-Mingling of Science With Comparative Religion" Award: The Dover (PA) School Board and the Kansas State School Board.

The "Yes, You Really Can Gather Empirical Evidence to Support or Refute Intelligent Design" Award: Pat Robertson.

The "Chutzpah Only a New Yorker Could Love" Award: Joan Mahon-Powell.

The "Game the System? Moi?" Award: Jeb Bush.

The "Notes From a Distant Planet" Award: Human Events.

The "Big Brother Wants to Watch You Even More" Award: Walter Jones, Dennis Baxley.

The "I'm Not a Researcher" Award: Diane Ravitch.

The "The Enemy of My Enemy Might Still Not Be My Buddy" Award: United Federation of Teachers.

The "Delusions Die Hard" Award: Amy Wilkins.

The "Mike Cohen and Matt Gandal Memorial Confusion of Rates with Scores Award:" The Achievement Alliance.

The "George W. Bush-Style Accountability" Award: Chester E. "Checker" Finn, Jr.

The "Literacy is Vastly Overrated" Award: The State of California.

The "Arbeit Macht Frei" Award: Dan Doerhoff.

The "This is What's the Matter With Kansas" Award, or, "Prima Emienda Derecho? En Kansas, No" Award, Jennifer Watts.

The "Our Lousy Public Schools Really Do Turn Out People So Dumb We Can Skunk the Pubic With Any Story We Want" Award: The Bush Administration.

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  1. I have an additional suggestion for the list but it, at first appears to be regional.

    A PBS "documentary aired this past fall by Hendrick Smith on NCLB and featured our own resigning superintendent.

    Not only are the foundations listed in support of his endeavor an insight into the formidable impartial backing, BUT school districts received personal invitations for free copies of the tape from none other than McGraw Hill (although the representatives did not make their connections obvious.)

    The presentation reads like pure propoganda and OF COURSE the message that NCLB is the light and the way prevails.

    Next stop for McGraw Hill might likely be a cereal for children..."new, fun, sugar-loaded, BREAKFAST BUBBLES, the cereal that charges your students up and prepares them for a day of testing!!!!