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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Charter Parents Support Charter Hearing; Post Will Still Demonize Perkins

The New York Post and the various other right-wing papers in NY will undoubtedly portray today's Corporations, Authorities, and Commissions Committee hearing as State Sen. Bill Perkins' personal vendetta against charter schools. The Post already did it here, here, here, and here, but they're neglecting to tell the public about a major supporter of the hearing: the New York Charter Parents Association, a group of self-organized pro-charter parents with concerns about existing charter schools.

Here's a clip of Mona Davids, founder of NYCPA, talking with a local FOX station:
In case you missed it, here's the really important part that the Post and other corporate rags will likely neglect to mention as they pen diatribes against public schools and those questioning charter schools (and we're not even talking about their academic merits - juts operating practices):
Anchor: You actually instigated this hearing tomorrow.
Mona Davids: I absolutely did. And for the record, Rosana, I want everyone to know it was the New York Charter Parents Association that asked, that requested Senator Perkins to conduct these hearings because we firmly believe in accountability and transparency for charter schools.
Charter schools: they're all about the kids (except the ones they kick out or exclude) and support parents (except when they ask questions about charter operators).

You can catch the hearing live here. It begins at 9AM EST and runs until 5PM.

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