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Sunday, April 18, 2010

School Turnarounds in VA, DE

It was back in January of 2009 that Pearson announced they'd enter the "turnaround" business with a new branch, Pearson K-12 Solutions. Leading the way for this new outfit would be none other than Scott Drossos, a former Executive VP and Chief Development Officer for EdisonLearning.

When Virginia announced $59.8 million in federal funding for school turnarounds, both Pearson K-12 Solutions and EdisonLearning made the list of "turnaround providers" even though one company has been around for a little over a year and the other company has a rather spotty track record, to put it politely.

Over at Kilroy's Delaware, Nancy Willing reports that Pearson K-12 Solutions will be taking over a charter school, the Moyer Academy, within the next few months. No word yet if this is official - but it sure seems plausible given Delaware's participation is the Mass Insight experiment in turnarounds.

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