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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Duncan Non-Answer Answer

Check out this non-answer from Duncan (via a transcript available at Ed.gov; from Oct. 6, 2009):

Coordinator: Our next call comes from (Libby Quaid) with the AP. Your line is open.

(Libby Quaid): Hi there. Mr. Secretary in August when you talked about the I3 program you gave an example of folks who might be able to get one of the grants. You talked about teach for America. And I wonder if you could just maybe give another example or two that you know of. One question I have is, if the Gates foundation is doing anything that might qualify for an I3 grant?

Arne Duncan: There are hundreds of examples out there so I don’t want to sort of, you know, give one or two. There is just - there is a wealth of great ideas and great partnerships you know across the country - early childhood, elementary, middle school, high school. And we want people to put their food forward.

And so there are many great ideas out there, many potential examples and we just want to (scale) what works. And there are many foundations that are supporting good work around the country.

Duncan's answer would be the "none of the above" response available on some multiple choice tests.

[Note: I don't think Duncan said, "we want people to put their food forward," but it would be mighty entertaining if that slipped out of his mouth as the conclusion to his non-answer. That'd certainly qualify as a Duncanism]

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