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Monday, June 21, 2010

From the Asinine File...

The Little Dictator says:

Here’s the context: While discussing the proposed tightening of regulation of Wall Street, [Mayor Bloomberg] noted that some of the union protesters who staged a rally against budget cuts this week outside City Hall had railed about “getting even with bankers.”

The mayor suggested that since taxes from Wall Street earnings and bonuses pay for their salaries, “our cops and firefighters and teachers they should be out there defending the bankers.”

Yes, Mr. Bloomberg, our teachers should take to the streets to defend the casino capitalists and corrupt traders making billions off of things like credit default swaps, hedges, and other highly speculative derivatives. Keep in mind, Mr. Bloomberg, that these same hucksters pay very little in taxes despite the trillions of dollars trading hands, and they'll fight to the death to prevent any regulation, taxation, or transparency.

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