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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mr. White Hat, David Brennan, Refuses to Testify

White Hat Management's David Brennan has built an corporate welfare empire in Ohio  by putting $1.5 million into the pockets of Republican politicians since 2000.  Now he is being sued by 10 of the charter schools' Boards that he owns, which would seem to raise some red flags for politicians who, thus far, have looked the other way, even as White Hat has preyed on the poorest kids in Ohio. From Cincinatti.com:
The state's biggest charter school operator last week refused to testify at a state legislative hearing into whether Ohio's laws give too much power to for-profit charter school companies.
It would seem that the question has been answered.  

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  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    It's chump change compared to Brennan's $1.5 million in donations, but one of White Hat's former VPs, Quentin Messer, donated $250 to Democrats for Education Reform. Messer was also a Broad Resident, Class of '09.