"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Saturday, June 04, 2016

De-Personalized Learning Coming to Chicago

When state and city politicians generate austerity budgets that make it unlikely that schools can even open in the Fall, and when the Mayor and Police allow gun violence at a level that makes it unsafe for children to go to school anymore, here comes a solution that has been waiting for these problems for a long time: plugging the poorest schoolkids into computers for heavy doses of screen-assisted miseducation.

CPS has an opening for someone to lead this bold effort.  

Someone nominated Bob George, and I can't think of anyone better qualified.

Maybe after the big Washington march.

Job description

CPS’ founding Executive Director of Personalized Learning will lead the Nation’s first large scale implementation of this ground breaking approach.  The ED will work with a highly skilled team of internal and external stakeholders to improve the way schools deliver instruction to 21st Century learners. With framing from the Chief Executive Office and the Chief Education Office, the ED of Personalized Learning will contribute to and effectively execute the vision to increase the number of personalized learning schools within the district, and nurture relationships with diverse stakeholders to ensure long term success of the initiative.  
The Executive Director of Personalized Learning will be held accountable for the following responsibilities:
    Directing the implementation of multi-year plan for district-wide personalized learning instructional practice
o     Define model to scale up Personalized Learning across all CPS schools
o     Inform district policy realignment, and lobby for State alignment to support implementation of Personalized Learning
o     Collaborate with Office of Teaching and Learning to integrate Personalized Learning as core instructional strategy across all grades and content areas.
o     Marshall and coordinate  internal and external resources in support of the execution plan
    Effectively execute Personalized Learning vision to increase the number of personalized learning schools within the district
o     Support schools in adoption and implementation by building internal CPS infrastructure (processes and structures) needed to execute Personalized Learning
o    Identify and secure external partners to provide schools with technical expertise, consulting, and professional development required
o    Monitor progress of implementation with the goal of increasing number of schools that have school-wide rollout of Personalized Learning; and lead cross-functional efforts to address challenges.
o    Develop a Professional Learning Community for school to drive further implementation.
   Nurture relationships with diverse stakeholders to ensure long term success of the initiative.  
   Build partnerships and engage in fundraising to provide schools with resources (technology, services, professional development, financial support) to implement personalized learning
   Continue stewardship of philanthropic organizations providing external Personalized Learning  opportunities to ensure schools continued access.
  Develop strategic partners among thought leaders in Personalized Learning  nationally to ensure vision and implementation is informed by research and best practice in the field
In order to be successful and achieve the above responsibilities, the Director of Personalized Learning must possess the following qualifications:
Type of Education Required:
 Graduation from an accredited college or university with a MA/MEd. degree required. PhD/Ed.D in Education, Education Technology, Curriculum and Instruction, or equivalent preferred.

Desired Skills and Experience

Type of Experience and Number of Years:


  Minimum of 5 years in district level administration, community/public relations, resource development and government relations.

  5 years of  education related experience

  Strong ability to influence others and bring people of various backgrounds and motivations together to achieve a common purpose.
   Visionary leadership.  Creates clear, compelling vision, communicates the vision well to gain commitment, and mobilizes others to fulfill the vision.
  Proven ability to execute in high pressure environments.
  Keen ability to build professional relationships internally and externally, while encouraging collaboration and diplomacy.
  Technology skills


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  1. Anonymous10:09 AM

    The fact that no teaching experience is required for this position is apt. As any teacher would know, there is no substitute for a personal relationship with a child. The teacher's passion for learning serves as inspiration for the child. An increase in time devoted to child enslavement to computer technology will effectively resolve the disagreements between CTU and CPS as the need for teachers is drastically reduced. Purveyors of computer hard and soft ware will be the greatest beneficiaries of these developments. Down the road, when it is questioned why Johnny isn't reading, a technician will generate a computer report. Say goodbye to the Child Study Team. Their members will strand on the unemployment lines with the teachers.

    Abigail Shure