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Friday, June 17, 2016

Source of SOS Vacation Packages Remains a Mystery

The news that an unknown SOS patron was waiving fees and providing lodging at DC luxury hotels in July for lucky attendees came as a shock to those activists who are paying their way to go.  After all, there is nothing on the SOS website to advertise the hugely discounted tickets.  

We have found out since posting the story last week that the "call before midnight tonight offer" came from Bob George's email address.  George is the "organizer" who publicized the offer to at least one AFT office in Pennsylvania.  We do not know if other AFT affiliates were in on the deal.

Bob George has not responded to repeated requests to know who provided the money for AFT members to get free trips to DC for the SOS event.  Which leads us back to our original question: Who is funding the SOS meet-up?  

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