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Sunday, June 12, 2016

I am not an official 'endorser" of Save Our Schools.

I have just noticed that I am listed as an "endorser" of Save Our Schools": http://saveourschoolsmarch.org/about/endorsers/.
I don't know if this is a recent or old post; this is the first time I noticed it.  I participated in two webinars associated with Save our Schools several years ago, but I am not associated with the upcoming march nor have I carefully studied or endorsed any current positions taken by Save Our Schools.
Bob George, the National Director of Save Our Schools, explained on a facebook post that my endorsement was for events in March 2011. This is not indicated on the website.


  1. I am in the same position as Steve. When I tried to write the "contact" listed on that website, the "failed message" reply indicates there is no such server as saveourschoolsmarch.org

  2. The International Association of Learning Alternatives is also listed as an "endorser." Worrisome, indeed. http://learningalternatives.net/weblog/post/category/charter-schools/