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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Los Angeles Education: The Corporate Black Box

Last year the wrinkled Putin-esque remains of Eli Broad announced a charter privatization plan for Los Angles that was unacceptable.

Now the phony organization created to front the plan has announced another version of that unacceptable plan, any details of which shall remain a secret until such time as the withering Eli allows the public to know what he plans for their tax dollars.  
If this were Russia, one could understand.  This is Los Angeles, USA.  A clip from the LA Times:
Timed with the release of its plan, Great Public Schools Now will launch a six-figure TV and print campaign, including ads in the L.A. Times.  
“Let’s stop fighting and start fixing,” urges one, which then guides readers to the group’s website. 
While insisting that its focus will be on all schools, not charters alone, the group isn’t disclosing all pertinent details. It declined this week to provide information on its funders and how much money they are providing.  
The group’s board members dismissed concerns that the rapid movement of students to charters could lead to a financial crisis in L.A. Unified, shrinking its budget as it struggles with long-term pension and healthcare obligations.
Will Eli allow some public schools to stay open, if they carry out Broad's paternalistic agenda?  Will magnet schools become part of the corruption?  Will the Third Way come to Los Angeles, which is just another way to let corporations control every element of public schools?  Will we hear an announcement from the corporate unions that they have arranged for union members to keep their jobs in these new hybrid hybrid hybrid hell schools?  

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