"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Student Walkouts at "No Excuses" Achievement First Flagship

The New Haven flagship for the Achievement First fleet of paternalistic segregated charter schools is under attack by the same students that the school was meant to culturally and politically sterilize.  

This is good news for those who believe that all children deserve humane learning environments, even if they are poor.  The story is reported here, and below is one of the many comments by concerned community members.
posted by: Samuel T. Ross-Lee on June 1, 2016  8:19am
N.B. Redacted Version

The hypocrisy and manifest gullibility in the comment[s] on this story are astonishing.  The AF Charter is more than a private institution illicitly using public funds, but it is also an institution based on a racially biased paradigm.  The paradigm is meant to “modify” the behavior of African-American students into an image acceptable to the White people who own this company and whose sense of entitlement apparently knows no bounds.

AF is a “school” whose most prominent pedagogical tool is treating Black children as if they are inherently flawed and must be “fixed” by the most draconian methods allowed all under the tutelage of the most unqualified instructors assembled and assigned.

In short, Achievement First is an inherently racist institution.  And the people commenting here so far are either ignorant of that fact or are unwilling acknowledge it.

Where is the soft racism expressed here that advocates for “structure”  ever applied to educating White students?  The structure mentioned here is a type of control that is applauded when applied to African-Americans and matched with the media-driven images of us as savages who must be controlled in the first place.  AF-style Charter Schools are lauded for re-shaping these kids before they become what they never were for the comfort (and profit) of people who created the stereotypical images in the first place.  AF-style Charters are for many White liberals and gullible African-Americans socially acceptable private prisons African-American parents and politicians who are so desperate for “school choice” that these types of schools are acceptable to them are playing with the fragile egos and spirits of our children by placing them into the hands of a White hegemony that barely believes that our children are human in the first place.  But the warnings and the research is available to them on this.  They have only themselves to blame for ignoring it.

The Rev. Mr. Samuel T. Ross-Lee

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