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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How Would Jesus Scam a Free Voucher?

Apparently ethics or the intent of the law does not matter to some Christian parents in Ohio, who will do anything to cash in on the new voucher law, including the last-minute switching of schools to make their children eligible next year for a free ride to a Christian Taliban training camp of the parents' choice. Until the last few days, these parents wanted nothing to do with the dirty government schools, but now these same parents have no problem taking the dirty government school's money in order pay for them to choose a hateful, anti-democratic indoctrination for their children, who, by the way, will never get a choice in the matter. Part of the story:

MANSFIELD -- Some parents of Mansfield Christian School students enrolled their children in Mansfield City Schools for the last few days of the school year in hopes of getting the state to pay their tuition at Mansfield Christian next fall.

Sound rather complicated? Read on.

Under the new Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program, any child enrolled in a school that has been on state-designated Academic Emergency or Academic Watch status for three consecutive years is eligible to transfer to a private or parochial school at state expense.

Four city schools -- Malabar and Simpson middle schools and Brinkerhoff and Sherman elementaries -- are in the sub-academic performance category.

The state will offer 14,000 EdChoice scholarships for 2006-07; if the number of eligible applicants exceeds that number, scholarships will be awarded by lottery.

The unexpected, last-minute transfers from Mansfield Christian in recent weeks has created paperwork headaches for city schools staff and -- along with similar transfers elsewhere -- triggered a legal review by the state. . . .

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