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Friday, December 22, 2006

Bloomberg Names Ex-Whittle Exec For Next Privatization Step

Bloomberg has made the next move in his plans to privatize New York public schools. From the Times:

Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein yesterday appointed the former president of Edison Schools Inc., the world’s largest for-profit operator of public schools, as a deputy chancellor, perhaps the boldest move yet in the Bloomberg administration’s effort to increase the role of the private sector in managing city public schools.

The former Edison president, Chris Cerf, is a longtime friend of Mr. Klein and has been a consultant to the city’s Education Department since early this year, paid with private donations. He is part of a team that has been re-evaluating virtually every aspect of the overhaul of the school system in Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s first term.

The consulting deal ends Dec. 31, after which Mr. Cerf will be deputy chancellor for operational strategy, human capital and external affairs — a $196,571-a-year post that will formalize his role in Mr. Klein’s inner circle and make him the system’s top official for labor relations and negotiations, principal and teacher recruitment and training, media relations and political affairs.

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  1. Anonymous7:18 PM

    So what they are saying is that due to Edisons fantastic reputation of turning around students, NYC is going to hire a former president and pay him a relatively low salary of not even 200K?
    Oh wait, I mjust be thinking of something else. Edison has a very bad reputation, has so far done nothing in Philadelphia where it was awarded a couple dozen schools a few years back, and this is some sort of sinister ploy.
    I have yet to meet ANYONE, who has good things to say about Edison. Now NYC is hiring a former president? Let me guess, all the Edison higher-ups are dead or incarcerated?