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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ohio Charter School Corruption Continues

How do you have students dismissed for truancy, which requires 21 days of non-attendance, while at the same time having 100% attendance? That's what the State is asking some of sloppier corporate corruption schools in Ohio. From the Toledo Blade:
Eleven Ohio charter schools, including Aurora Academy in East Toledo and a Maumee-based online school, have been warned by the state to accurately record student attendance or risk losing some public funding.

The 11 schools, nine of which are online schools where students work on computers at home, have been ordered by the Ohio Department of Education to explain why they reported 100 percent attendance for the 2005-06 school year while also reporting students removed or withdrawn for chronic truancy. Each school must file a corrective plan to deal with the reporting problems by the close of the business day Jan. 10 or face a reduction in state funding.

"We are very concerned about this," said J.C. Benton, a spokesman for the state Department of Education. "It didn't make sense to have 100 percent attendance if you have students withdrawing for truancy."

The department started the investigation after some of the schools told the state they had not counted students expelled for chronic truancy, which means a student was absent for at least 21 days. . . .

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