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Friday, July 20, 2007

Spellings Cries

From Wonkette:'Post' Makes Public Official Cry

Education Secretary/Jeopardy loser/genial idiot Margaret Spellings stopped by the Post the other day to chat about NCLB and student loans but instead they asked about when Karl Rove asked her out and then they made her cry. The crying came first, when they asked a pointless softball about how the President is secretly a very nice man and Spellings wistfully recalled the day he consoled a sad Texas official (see — it’s the WARMTH thing, he plays nicey-nicey with everyone and still they demand more) who was sad over the death of a colleague in Bush’s popular “electric chair.”

Spellings began weeping at the memory of Bush demonstrating the simplest common decency, so concerned reporters quickly changed the subject with this inexplicable question:

Spellings paused, reports our colleague Amit Paley, then said: “Have you met Karl Rove?”

It turns out that the Secretary of Education has met the President’s chief adviser — small world!

Rove asked Spellings out on a date in the eary 1980s. Spellings turned him down because he was, in her words, “inept and so inartful.”

Inartful is not a word.

Spellings is the Secretary of Education.

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