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Friday, August 08, 2014

Ed Delaney’s Son's 2012 Senate Race Funded by Corporate Ed

by Doug Martin

Although state representative Ed Delaney has been a friend to public education so far, we better keep a close eye on his son, Democrat Edward Timothy Delaney—or simply Tim, if he decides to run for the Indiana state Senate in the future.  
Although he lost the election, Edward Timothy Delaney's 2012 campaign was highly funded by many of the hedge fund managers and billionaires across the country deeply involved in turning our schools over the those with the most greed.
In 2012, hedge fund manager David Tepper gave $1,000 to both to Tim Delaney and Mary Ann Sullivan’s campaigns.

With 5 billion dollars in the bank in 2011, Tepper , the highest-earning hedge fund manager in 2013, was a main player behind the corporate school movement in New Jersey.  His name is associated with many described in my book, including Alan Fournier, Tepper’s partner, who bought Caitlin Hannon's election during the last IPS school board race.

Then there’s Democrats for Education Reform's Boykin Curry, who has led the hedge fund assault against public schools nationwide for years now. 
Curry gave the young Delaney $5,000 in 2012 (page 2). 

When I wrote Hoosier School Heist, Curry--hated by public school activists from Texas to Tipton--was sitting pretty on the board of Walmart/Devos’ American Federation for Children (and still is), so the billionaire was part of the Indiana school buyout from the get-go.  
Patrick Hamill, a Denver real estate mogul, gave $1,000 to Tim Delaney’s 2012 campaign, too (page 3). 

Hamill, the DFER-affiliated Education Reform Now group (a Mind Trust subsidizer so that people like  David Harris can "live big"), and former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg funded corporate school board candidates in Denver last year. 

In 2012, as a matter of fact, Michael Bloomberg gave big to Tim Delaney, as he did to Tony Bennett, corporate school front group Stand for Children, DFER, and hedge fund princess and IPS school board candidate Mary Ann Sullivan, who is looking for some handouts from rich people like Delaney's funders. 
Husband and wife Silicon Valley venture capitalist team Michelle Yee and Reid Hoffman each handed Delaney Jr. $1,500 (page 3).  Reid, a billionaire, was a fellow at the Aspen Institute, which is detailed in my book.  Reid is best known for helping facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, who is also deep in the corporate school movement in NJ.  An investor in the education site Edmodo, Hoffman was praised by Obama’s Penny Pritzker in reference to the anti-worker/anti-American/anti-Democratic Pacific Trade Agreement heist recently.

DC’s CityBridge Foundation’s Katherine Bradley--who is a board member of KIPP and Stand for Children, a big Michelle Rhee lover, and married to media mogul David Bradley--slid Ed Timothy Delaney $1,200 in 2012 (page 3).
CityBridge is a part of DC School Reform Now and is helping the foundation of Eli Broad (a Tony Bennett donor whose Broadies run the US Dept. of Ed. with Bill Gates' operatives) to spread Bill Gates’ “blended learning” in the city so that wealthy CEOs of charter schools can pocket the money they don’t have to pay to teachers.

Finally, Gulen school supporter and corporate school politician Andre Carson used his campaign to give young Delaney $500 (page 13).
Whenever I mention that John Gregg took DFER money for his campaign, people tell me time and time again that he didn’t know where the money was coming from.  Maybe that is the case.  It is also more reason why Gregg and the elected Democrats need to read my book, which they don’t. 

I hear Tim is a good guy.  But Tim Delaney--whose mom used to be the chairwoman of the Indiana Democratic Party--had funding from too many hedge funders and school privatizers to not understand what they were paying for, you would think.  If he truly doesn’t understand why billionaires from out of state were giving him money, someone needs to explain this to him now. I seriously hope he was merely duped.  I hope that is the answer to all of this. I hear he is now supporting Glenda Ritz and the teachers unions, so maybe he has seen the light.
We all know most Republicans in this state are going to take corporate school funding, so maybe we  should be tracking and educating more closely our Democrats.


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