Saturday, August 02, 2014

Eric Turner's Corporate School Handouts

by Doug Martin

Nursing home crusader and Cicero, Indiana’s Republican Eric Turner loves the corporate school crowd in Indiana.  Here are a few of his funders.

To add to the $1000 it gave him in 2013 (page 9), the $1000 (page 13) in 2011, the $500 in 2010 (page 6), and the $1,000 in 2009 (page 8), recently the corporate school pushers at Eli Lilly handed Turner $1,000.

Then, on April 21, 2014, Walmart and DeVos’ Hoosiers for Economic Growth PAC, better known as the “13 Filthy Rich Who Bought Indiana Public Education,” wrote a $5000 check for Turner’s campaign.  In 2013, the Hoosiers for Economic Growth PAC threw $500 into Turner’s campaign pocket (page 12).

Walmart’s own WAL PAC emptied out its couch-change in 2011 and handed Turner $3,500 (page 17) and added another $1,000 in 2013 (page 17). In December 2009, WAL PAC also handed Turner $1,000. (page 13).  Quite nicely, this amount covered the $1000 he had to “contribute” to ALEC in that year (page 18).

In 2013, Mind Trust board member and Hulman and Company CEO Mark Miles handed Turner $500 (page 3).


Hewlett Packard, also involved in the national school buyout with billionaires (Teach for America's board includes Packard's Meg Whitman and Bill Clinton's deregulator Larry Summers), tossed Turner $250 on Sept. 27, 2013, too (page 5). The year before, the corporation gave him $200 (page 3).  In 2011, Hewlett   Package slid Turner $200 (page 4).  In 2009, the corporation gave Turner $250 (page 16).

The Chamber’s Indiana Business for Responsive Government gifted Turner $500 (page 14) in 2013. The Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, in 2012, handed out $1,000 to Turner (page 4).

In October 2011, Tony Bennett’s Cisco College Board buddy Todd Huston gave Turner $250 (page 2).

Sure wish I could have gotten Turner into Hoosier School Heist, but don't worry, there's plenty in that book to keep you well occupied.

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