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Thursday, August 14, 2014

What Does Ferguson, MO Have to Do With 9-11?

Last night I watched the police in Ferguson, MO as they rolled out their armored vehicles with machine guns on top to confront peaceful protestors and the media.  Even though no curfew had been declared by the mayor or any of the other political cowards in the state, the police, bristling with armor bought with unlimited Homeland Security funds, took it upon themselves to decide when people should end a peaceful assembly and when the media should stop taking pictures.

I saw protestors running for cover from repeated volleys of tear gas, some launched onto lawns, and running to avoid rubber bullets and concussion grenades.  Yes, it looked more like Cairo, Egypt than a suburb of St. Louis.

There is not a Mayberry in America today that doesn't have its own tank force, thanks to advocates for an armed police state to replace the shreds of a democratic republic that has fallen into disrepair under the misleadership of a fascist-controlled Congress.

Bin Laden is dead, but his legacy lived on last evening as the freedoms that made America were concealed in clouds of tear gas.


  1. In Mayberry, Andy wouldn't even let Barney keep his gun loaded. He had the bullet in his top pocket.

    Imagine Barney Fife today.

  2. Michael Fiorillo12:10 PM

    As I saw someone comment online, Bush was right all along: Bin Laden hated us for our freedoms, and now that they've been taken away, he's won...

  3. Bin Laden's dream for America has come true, with the help of our own politicians.