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Friday, September 01, 2006

Linda Schrenko Gets Her Orange Jumpsuit

Linda Schrenko, one of the founding crooks of the same Education Leaders Council (no link--site shut down) that helped design and channel the money stream of the NCLBA in 2001, will report to a Tallahassee prison on Sept. 11 to begin her 8-year sentence for, what else, stealing those same federal dollars in 2002 that she channeled in 2001. If oversight is ever restored in Washington, will other founding ELC members Keegan, Rotherham, and Hickok receive the investigative attentions they have thus far eluded?
At her sentencing in July, U.S. District Court Judge Clarence Cooper scolded her, saying, "You're the reason the public confidence in the political process continues to erode."

Schrenko told reporters on her way out of the courthouse that she has made the most of her final days of freedom with a jaunt to the beach, a party with family and friends and quiet time with her dogs.

Now that is the type of contrition we have come to know from the right-wing virtuecrats.

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