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Monday, September 25, 2006

Reading First's Doherty Became Chief of Staff

Reading First has been very good for Chris Doherty. ED's Organizational Directory dated May 2006 lists Doherty as Chief of Staff for Deputy Secretary, Raymond Simon. As an ED staffer tells me, when Chris came upstairs, he not only became Christopher J. Doherty but he brought Reading First with him. (Since he and his unnamed assistant had every decision in their back pockets, no problem).

And who is Raymond Simon, other than former Asst. Superintendent of Schools from Conway, Arkansas?
President Bush nominated Raymond Simon to the position of United States Deputy Secretary of Education and the Senate confirmed him on May 26, 2005. As Deputy Secretary, Mr. Simon plays a pivotal role overseeing and managing the development of policies, recommendations and initiatives that help define a broad, coherent vision for achieving the President's education priorities, especially the No Child Left Behind Act. He also provides overall supervision and direction of program organizations of the Department. He had previously served as the Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education.
Way to go, Chris!! And way to go, Ray! Congratulations on your promotions. Who else is a part of this important, nay exclusive, Office of Deputy Secretary to Mrs. Spellings? Only one other name is listed, and that is Dr. Kristi Wilson, Office of Small Business Programs. The very big business of small business. Wonder what she does? How cozy it must be up there on 7, the Power Floor.

Wonder where Chris is headed next, since he will soon be leaving? To jail, perhaps--or maybe down to Dallas to work for Randy Best and Reid Lyon.

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