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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Reading First Crime Summary

Photos from the Know Your Reading First Offender Series.

Later we will be responding to each of the violation summaries, with details on contexts, perpetrators, and the dissembling response by Spellings' lawyers. Carnine and Lyon are so, so busted:
FINDING 1A – The Department Did Not Select the Expert Review Panel in Compliance With the Requirements of NCLB

FINDING 1B – While Not Required to Screen for Conflicts of Interest, the Screening Process the Department Created Was Not Effective

FINDING 2A – The Department Replaced What the Law Intended to be a Peer Review Process With its Own Process

FINDING 2B – The Department Awarded Grants to States Without Documentation That the Subpanels Approved All Criteria

FINDING 3 – The Department Included Requirements in the Criteria Used by the Expert Review Panels That Were Not Specifically Addressed in NCLB

FINDING 4 – In Implementing the Reading First Program, Department Officials Obscured the Statutory Requirements of the ESEA; Acted in Contravention of the GAO Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government; and Took Actions That Call Into Question Whether They Violated the Prohibitions Included in the DEOA

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  1. Anonymous2:16 PM

    How about looking at the folks assigned to the states as facilitators? In our state (Illinois) the federal liaison was, according to her web page, a paid DIBELS trainer. Any surprise our state test got dumped and DIBELS adopted?
    I'd be curious as to where else this might have been the case. I sent a letter of protest to the state and to the Secretary of Education Rod Paige and never got a response.