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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

America's Homeless and the Decider's War

Today in a new report, we find out that almost 3/4 of a million Americans are homeless. 744,000 to be more specific. Tonight while the Decider was holding Americans spellbound with his "new way forward" in Iraq, I did a little quick arithmetic to see what it would take to solve the homeless problem.

I figure we could put each of the 750,000 homeless people in a new $200,000 house and pay each of them 50,000 dollars a year for 4 years while they get some schooling or job training. Oh yes, we could give them 20,000 each per year for four years of tuition at his or her favorite school.

When I carry my zeros and put in the commas, it comes to right at $360 billion, almost exactly the amount we have thus far blown up, burned, and handed over to war profiteers in Iraq.

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