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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Charter Crime That Even the Boston Globe Cannot Ignore

Horace Mann must be doing back-flips in his grave, as the Home of the Common School continues to give up public ground to the Business Roundtable and the Oligarchs in the continuing privatization of public schools through the use of segregated charter test camps.

And as the Commonwealth's African-American governor continues to lobby for more of these apartheid chain gangs, more examples emerge of corruption and fraud that even the charter cheerleaders at the Globe cannot ignore:

Commissioner Mitchell Chester said that he will ask his agency’s board today to revoke the charter for the Robert M. Hughes Academy and that teachers and administrators could lose their state professional licenses. He declined to specify the acts of cheating because of investigations continue, but said it was orchestrated by the principal and carried out by several staff members. . . .

. . . . “It’s very disturbing,’’ Chester said yesterday. “In my own experience working in four different states, I have never encountered an incident of cheating that was as highly orchestrated as I’ve seen in this case.’’

Chester added: “I don’t believe they are a viable institution any longer.’’

Chester also revealed that the offices of the attorney general and state auditor are investigating the school on additional allegations of mismanagement and fiscal improprieties. Among them: the school’s trustees appointed a convicted felon to run the school with another administrator after placing the principal on leave in wake of the state’s cheating investigation. The principal has denied any wrongdoing. . . .

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