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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Stephen Krashen Joins Schools Matter

Stuffed in among his many other commitments, Stephen Krashen will now share his expertise and insights with the readers of Schools Matter. Here is a digest of some of Dr. Krashen's work:

Stephen Krashen completed his Ph.D. in Linguistics at UCLA (1972), and is currently an Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Southern California.

Dr. Krashen is the author of more than 250 articles and books in the fields of bilingual education, neurolinguistics, second language acquisition and literacy. His publications have received numerous awards:

He was the winner of the 1982 Mildenberger Award, given for his book, Second Language Acquisition and Second Language Learning (Prentice-Hall).

He was co-winner of the Pimsleur Award, given by the American Council of Foreign Language Teachers for the best published article in 1985.

His 1986 paper "Lateralisation, language learning and the critical period" was selected as Citation Class by Current Contents.

In 1993 the Distinguished Presentation related to School Library Media Centers,was awarded by editors of the School Library Media Annual.


Dr. Krashen also holds a black belt in Tae Kwan Do, and was the winner of the 1978 Venice Beach Open Incline Press Championship.

Dr. Krashen also has other books and articles available on his web site:


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