"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Only a Third Party Will Have a Chance to Restore American Democracy

Look at any area of government at the Federal level under the Obamaites, and all one can see is evidence of the continuation of rule by the same Oligarchs who were handed the reins of power under the Cheney/Bush regime. Instead of blatant disregard for criticism, however, now we have a PR machine headed by the simpering David Axelrod, who is intent upon a false image of change while protecting Reptile Rahm and his corrupted pragmatism.

In defense, we have Cheney enabler, Gen. McChrystal, put in charge of military-industrial machine in Afghanistan, where private contractor numbers have soared and the war criminals at Blackwater remains in charge of most State security.

As for the economy, Obama continues the Bush bailouts and the policy of rewarding Wall Street and protecting the casino capitalists in charge of our retirement plans and jobs. Meanwhile, poverty climbs and hope fades.

In education, we have a steroidal version of NCLB taking form, with RTTT and the LEARN [sic] Act, which pick up steam toward privatization and the cognitive sterilization of children as young as 3. And unending testing, pay-per-score plans, and teacher deprofessionalization.

On the environment, we have a continuation of Bush policies with a happy face painted on. Copenhagen will yield nothing because coal and oil interest continue to own the White House.

And health care, well, that puts the bow on the package, no doubt. There could never be a better example of how little difference a sweeping Democratic majority can make in a town controlled by corrupt capitalists, who have no regard for the desires or will of the majority. Please do read Howard Dean's op-ed today at WaPo.

DEAN in 2012. Obama is Done.

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