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Saturday, December 19, 2009

How California can save $500 million every year

Sent to the Santa Monica Mirror, Dec 19, 2009

State Senator Fran Pavley noted that the state legislature needs to cut $6 billion from the budget in the next few months ("Pavley On State Budget Crisis," Dec. 17-23). Here is a way of accomplishing nearly 10% of that right away, and with additional savings each year: Dump the high school exit exam. Studies of high school exit exams show that they are useless: They do not lead to higher employment, higher earnings, or improved academic achievement. In fact, researchers have yet to discover any benefits of having a high school exit exam.

Stephen Krashen

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  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    EXACTLY. Here in Milwaukee everybody's all abuzz about the RTTT money. Trying to push mayoral takeover of the schools in fact, in an effort to 'compete' for the cash. It's a one time payment. The federal mandates that would follow would cost more than the sum given. Our students are tested to death. I've been teaching for 8 years. I love my students, but the system is breaking my spirit. I'm so tired. So done with it. We MUST have a teacher revolution. If enough of us REFUSED to pass out the tests change might come. We need to do this for our students. Enough of private taking from public - with no accountability, might I add. Who's overseeing the billion dollar testing industry?