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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

For Rhee and Corporate Reform Schools, the Gig Is Up

The Face of Corporate Reform Schooling

From Stan Karp:
Former Washington, DC Superintendent Michelle Rhee and her organization, Students First, will be the subject of a PBS documentary tonight. Despite misrepresenting her own teaching career, presiding over an extensive cheating scandal, and getting poor results during her tenure as Supt., Rhee has become the media face of corporate education reform. She recently released a “state report card” grading states on the basis of how thoroughly they have adopted proposals for test-based teacher evaluation, charters, and privatization. States with more funding equity and better academic performance generally received lower grades than states that passed legislation advancing Rhee’s political agenda. In NJ, Rhee has been a favored ‘reform’ partner of the Christie Administration. Her Students First NJ affiliate is “Better Education for Kids” a lobbying group backed by Republican hedge fund billionaire David Tepper.

Frontline, PBS Documentary, airs Tuesday 1/8

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  1. That photo of Rhee says it all. She is like the Witch of Wall Street Ed Deform.

    Good riddance!!!!! Got Frontline DVR'd