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Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Lance's Punishment Should Be a Fine of $2,692,307.70

Recently Team Obama set the limit for any future crime against an individual or humanity by fining too-big-for-justice banksters at HSBC with what amounts to five weeks of annual earnings.

Lance is a d-bag in triplicate, no doubt, but his drugging, lies, bullying, and threats do not come close to being equivalent to the drug cartel money laundering and the terrorist support networks of banking giant, HSBC.

And yet the corporate media nitwits fans the outrage of citizens against Lance, and even Oprah gets in the act as persona Christi (in two parts with commercial interruptions).

Will Lance be prosecuted and required to sit before a tribunal headed by Rupert Murdoch?  Stay tuned.  The most he can get is 5 weeks salary, which at the height of his fame in 2005 was $28 million a year.  5/52 of that the most he can be fined, and he should be free to do what he wants once it is paid.  

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