WASHINGTON -- Too many students worry more about being killed by a gun tests than learning in the classroom, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said on Thursday, as he cautioned that firearms tests alone do not make schools better safer .

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"This was only a first step. We need a lot less children being shot dead tested. We need a lot less children living in fear," he said, urging leaders to listen to teachers.
"Right now, the overwhelming majority of teachers are saying they'd love more resources," Duncan said in wide-ranging interview about his second term as the nation's top school administrator. "They do not want – they are speaking very clearly – they are saying they do not want more guns tests in schools."
"We are not all going to agree on every issue but I think the common goal of having . . . fewer children living in fear – we have to do everything to break through," he said. "If we don't do it now, I don't know when we're going to do it."
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Yet he strongly urged leaders to listen to teachers.
"If you ask the vast majority of teachers, the vast majority of teachers don't want guns high stakes tests in the schools," Duncan said. "They want more social workers, counselors, mental-health services, after-school programs."