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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Any Guts on this Side of the Pond?

Not only is Tony Blair an ally in the War on Iraq, but he has a similar vision for the future of schools. Here is the link to Bloomberg's hiring of Blair's education hit squad in the City, as well as Edison's former CEO. They're circling--is there such thing as a predatory vulture--one that can't wait for the victim to stop kicking?
The difference in England is that the newspapers are actually reporting on "the end of state education," as opposed to the press here that doesn't know how to call a spade a spade. They just keep rewriting press releases from the Dept. of ED about test scores and achievement gaps and how NCLB wants to save the poor and downtrodden.

Do we have any newspaper or any Department of Education official with the guts to come forward with the kind of information presented here in the Guardian by a disgusted British official?

School chief predicts end of state education

Press Association
Monday April 10, 20

The man in charge of education in the prime minister's constituency for the past 16 years said today that the government's reform policies will spell the end of state education.

Keith Mitchell, who is retiring as Durham county council's director of education, attacked Tony Blair's controversial education bill.

Mr Mitchell criticised the government and the prime minister for pursuing Conservative ideals that he said would put the clock back 50 years. . . .

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