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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Call today--House Votes Tomorrow

From the National PTA:

House to Vote on Budget that is Bad for Children
Call Congress Toll-Free NOW!

The House of Representatives will vote on the federal budget for fiscal year 2007 tomorrow morning, Friday, April 7. The House budget resolution severely underfunds discretionary spending for essential education and health services for children and poor and working-class families in communities nationwide. If passed, this budget would have a detrimental impact on millions of Americans for years to come.
Your Representative needs to hear from you! Call your Representative toll-free at 1-800-459-1887 and tell him or her that children matter. Tell your representative that
* Adequate funding for education and child welfare programs is essential to the economic prosperity of our country.
* If we are serious about keeping America competitive, we must be equally serious about our support of education and child welfare programs. Investing in America’s children is an investment in both the current and future economic well-being of our nation.
* Urge him or her to vote for adoption of any amendments offered on the floor of the House that will increase education funding.
* Vote NO on the budget resolution unless significant increases in education funding are made.

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