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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spellings' India Mission

From Rediff India Abroad:
Ramnath Shenoy in Bangalore | April 13, 2006 14:21 IST
Last Updated: April 13, 2006 14:34 IST

For decades, a significant section of Indian students' dream was to study in the United States and work there. And now, a 'reverse trend', albeit with a smaller number to begin with, may take shape with American students coming to India for learning.

An American delegation, led by Senator Michael B Enzi, and comprised of among others by US Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, is on a mission to India to study the educational system in India and how the country is able to churn out a large number of highly-skilled professionals.

"....As Secretary of Education I am anxious to see how you all and how others around the world develop human capital and talent. Certainly you (India) have done that and you are doing that. That's why so many industries and American companies are coming here to grow and expand," Spellings told PTI. . . .

Ah yes, that human capital.

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