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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spellings Bows to Education Industry

Responding to pressure from the education industry regarding the billions in corporate tutoring funds that they are not getting dished by Secretary Spellings, the Queen of Intimidation, herself, showed up at a black church in Queens yesterday to continue her threats and declarations about what is and is not acceptable.

In the audience was NY gubernatorial hopeful, William Weld, whose poll numbers show a desperate need to connect with voters, black voters, any voters. Hitching his wagon to this most excellent education policy will surely help.

Here is a comment by the only constituency that really counts (get it?) to this Dept. of Education—the education privatizers whose connections remain solidly intact even after the the King of K Street has fallen:
Clint Bolick, president of the Alliance for School Choice, said in a written statement Wednesday, "We are delighted the secretary is looking into the wholesale denial of public school options. This is a nationwide problem, and Los Angeles and Compton are simply the tip of the iceberg."
On their website, you will find arguments on how vouchers can advance the cause of desegregation.
COL (crying out loud)

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