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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Spellings' Crooked and Corrupt Commission to Control Higher Ed

From Bob Serry at Huffington Post:

The same folks who brought you Katrina Relief--Bush administration hacks and Republican party loyalists--now want their K-Street cronies to regulate the entire U.S. college and university system. These appointees and apparatchiks are proposing lock-step federal regulation and oversight over all colleges and universities--and tracking every single student's lifelong educational record--in order, they say, to better help consumers.

Yeah, right. . . .

. . . Let's be clear about this initiative: It represents a frontal assault on the U.S. higher educational system, under the guise of reform. The Bushites want to pull the purse strings on these supposedly liberal bastions of progressive thought, and to get dissenting people to kowtow and shut up along the way. Don't be fooled by the Trojan-horse cover language in the report claiming that what the Commission really wants to do is to make college more affordable and user-friendly. Don't be distracted if a few accommodating academics voice support for the proposal, or parts thereof (if the support is strong, however, follow the money trail). Basically the same folks who dismantled FEMA (and have been trying to do the same with other public agencies and institutions) now want to bring their politicized incompetence to all of higher education in America.

The rest here.

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