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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Imagine in Trouble...Again

A few days ago I predicted the Imagine Schools would be in the news again in roughly a week if they could keep up their three scandals in less than a month pace.

Well, it's been two days and an Imagine-run school in Nevada is under investigation.

From the KTNV news:

Parents of students at a charter school in North Las Vegas are concerned about an investigation into the possible mishandling of fires on campus.

The "Imagine100 Academy of Excellence" may not be living up to its name.

Action News has learned the North Las Vegas Fire Department is investigating the charter school.

"I've heard one of the rooms caught on fire," says parent Clemon Hudson.

What Lemon didn't know is that there may have been several fires at the campus on Comstock Drive since December.

Fire officials tell Action News they're being investigated as possible arson, and whether there were other fires that weren't reported as legally required.

This isn't quite as egregious as the charges of racism, the $700,000 debts rung up by two Florida schools run by Imagine, or the turmoil leading up to the Kennesaw Charter School's decision to dump Imagine. Nevertheless, we're talking about a serious safety issue and the failure to report fires to the appropriate officials.

Any bets on the how long it'll be before Imagine's in trouble again?

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