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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Renew Charter to Recoup $200k?

What do you do when a charter school - which owes the authorizing district $200k because of shoddy financial management - comes up for renewal? Well, any penny-pincing district (ie ever school district in America) would do whatever they could to recoup those funds.

The backstory to this $200k debt involves a company called EdChoices, a charter leader named Tim King (Tim's Twitter name is EdChoices), and a school district (and State) unable to monitor evolving charter operators and practices. King recently resigned from the head of his education management organization, AllPrep, after deciding his name was tainting the charter brand (although the truth is that AllPrep had failed to pay a nearby community college for providing classes for some of his students, and, yes, King's name is rather sullied given his track record and the recent alert issued by the Oregon DOE).

North Clackamas School Board renews charter school that owes about $192,500

By Nicole Dungca, The Oregonian

March 19, 2010, 1:31PM
MILWAUKIE – The North Clackamas School Board renewed the charter of the Clackamas Web Academy in a unanimous vote Thursday, but the district is still negotiating a contract with the school, which owes the district about $192,500 stemming from its inclusion in a charter school group.

There was no discussion on the action Thursday, but board members had previously raised concerns about the school's ability to operate while paying what could be $20,000 a year to the district.

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