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Friday, March 12, 2010

Imagine: No Snide Headline Needed

Another incident at an Imagine-run school made the news yesterday. Here's a link to a google search of recent news articles about Imagine. You'd think it'd be enough to make politicians, parents, and charter authorizers question the need for the company, not to mention the intentions of Imagine.

[Be sure to read Jim's post and Stephen's letter to the editor, too.]

WHIOTV in Dayton, Ohio:

Mother Of Sex Assault Victim Speaks Out

The mother of a Dayton charter school student said her 10 year old reported to school officials that he was sexually assaulted in school by another male student of the same age.

Dayton police were called to Imagine Schools on Klepinger Road on Thursday. According to the student and his mother, the perpetrator is also 10 years old.

The boy’s mother said, “You send your kids to learn and something like this occurs. It’s not right.”

The child’s mother arrived at the school and her son said another 10-year-old attacked him while he was in the bathroom.

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